The APA has, with considerable success, helped its members access new markets outside the UK.

We have created events to explore new markets, on the premise that our members are interested in them but lack, in the most part, the recourses to research them and start to create links on their own.

Those events saw APA delegations from our membership accompany us to the following events we created:

(i)  The Tokyo Advertising Forum 2004

(ii) The Shanghai Advertising Forum 2007

(iii) The Beijing Advertising Forum 2009

(iv) The Mumbai Advertising Forum 2011

(v) Creative London Comes To Silicon Valley 2013 

The events, which brought the advertising industries in those markets together with our members, created opportunities which members followed up and created opportunities from. To take the example of the Shanghai forum, delegates undertook production for Chinese agencies with budgets totaling over £30 million in the 15 months that followed that forum.

Our most recent overseas event was Creative London Comes to Silicon Valley 2013 which saw 30 representatives of APA members attend a week of meetings and receptions in Silicon Valley. The delegation visited You Tube/Google, Netflix, Twitter, Orange Labs, AT&T Foundry, among others for a week of learning and development of new connections.