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World First

World First is an independent currency exchange company who have already helped over a dozen APA members exposed to the currency markets and need help with this when paying suppliers and other production costs overseas. There has been a growing trend in overseas shoots and whilst this offers a number of unique benefits, if you choose to film in a foreign country you will also need to manage the cost and risk of converting currency.

At World First You are assigned a dedicated dealer who will work with you to get the best currency rates and will give you access to everything from the simplest to the most sophisticated products to help you limit the risk of currency fluctuations. Additionally, all transfers over £5,000 are free.

Some of the products and services offered:

  • Fast, same-day transfers

  • Forward contracts and currency options to help hedge your risk

  • Regular transfers – for paying those repeat suppliers or salaries overseas

  • Online platform to book deals and make payments 24/7

  • Free rate alert and market order service

  • Industry leading insight and analysis to keep you on the inside track

There is no cost or obligation to trade when you register with World First. Click here to complete the online registration form and start speaking to a dealer about the rates they can offer.  

If you would like to speak to someone first, please contact one of the corporate customer services representatives on 0808 159 2132 or email

A testimonial from an APA member: 

“We undertake a number of overseas shoots and so use service film companies which can be anywhere in the world depending on what the script dictates. We therefore need to pay our suppliers in a multitude of currencies and so when World First came to our attention via the APA back in 2008, we got in touch.

We found them to be exceptionally professional and were impressed with the constant availability of the team, and the personal attention from our dedicated consultant. Their exchange rates are very competitive and we like having the ability to consider all alternatives for overseas transfers, from spot rates for one-off payments but more importantly forward contracts which allow us to lock in a figure, removing all exchange risk and assist in the budgeting process when bidding on jobs.

Their online trading platform is simple yet sophisticated and we have now made almost 500 international payments using World First, cutting our costs significantly concerning overseas productions.” 

 John Cinquemani, Independent Films Ltd. 







World First UK Ltd,

Millbank Tower

21-23 Millbank


T: 0808 159 2132