The APA VFX Group represents the interests of its members- vfx companies working in commercials.
Like the other specialist groups in the APA, its members benefit from all membership services. Through that, VFX group members also benefit from being informed as to what is happening in commercials production generally. The VFX Group, in addition, addressed issues relating to VFX:

1. It has integrated education as to what VFX companies do into the APA’s masterclass.

2. It promotes the expertise of its members, through, for example, presentations in the London Design Festival and within the 
    APA Show (and book and dvd of it), as well as overseas.

3. It addresses issues such as digital playout, quality control and sound levels.

4. It discusses issues raised by the vfx companies with advertising agencies, through the APA.

5. It provides networking opportunities- for vfx companies and their customers and potential customers.

6. It is working on standard terms and conditions for vfx in commercials.