The APA has one overriding aim: to create the best possible business environment for its members.

The Advertising Producers Association – the APA – was formed by and belongs to its members: commercials production companies. That encompasses production, post, editing and music companies working in commercials. APA members have world-renowned expertise in commercials production, in its widest sense, as they build on their skills in creating great TV commercials to create audio visual advertising for the internet and other digital media. The APA has developed new services to ensure that it reflects the positive outlook and problem solving expertise of its members, building on the traditional services it has offered to introduce: · Industry standard training

· The APA Collection, a showcase for its members’ expertise, which is premiered at the APA Show, one of the most eagerly awaited advertising events of the year

· Ways to help its members access new markets

The APA staff are an efficient and friendly team, always available to help members with production issues. Further down you’ll find some more words about what we do and why we do it. If you’d like to know more, just give us a call.




A STANDARD PRODUCTION CONTRACT A standard agreement for commercials production, agreed with the advertising agencies and clients’ associations, the IPA and ISBA. This ensures that all parties are clear on who is responsible for what in the production of the commercial, and complex areas such as insurance responsibilities are set out in detail, based on industry wide experience.

This is a great help to members because they understand their obligations and do not have to spend time negotiating terms for each production; meaning they can devote that time to making the commercial as brilliant as possible.

ADVICE ON PRODUCTION ISSUES We offer practical advice to members facing an issue with a production they are working on. That can range from problems with a location, to legal, insurance and copyright issues, including advice on contracts when working with overseas agencies.

RECOMMENDED CREW TERMS These are a recommended basis for engaging crew, including rates and overtime provisions, breaks and cancellation provisions. This means members can book crew under standard terms, rather than having to negotiate from scratch with each new crew member. Again this saves members time which they can devote to creating the best possible film.

THE APA COLLECTION AND APA SHOW The APA Collection is a unique showcase of the best of the year’s commercials produced by our members. It premiers at a plush London venue each September with the APA Show, which draws 800 advertising and production luminaries. The APA Collection is then seen around the world via the DVD distributed as part of Shots magazine; and also via events, which in recent years have taken place in Stockholm, Tokyo, New York and Copenhagen.

We keep our members abreast of the exciting developments and opportunities for them in digital media and branded content, the new methods of reaching consumers through audio visual advertising, whether that be via the internet, mobiles, or some as yet undreamt of technology. We do this through events, including our annual Future of advertising... in one afternoon seminar.

CANNES AND OTHER EVENTS We join with producers associations in Europe (through the CFP-E) and in the USA (through the AICP) to organise events at the Cannes Advertising Festival. This includes the Young Directors Award, which has become the biggest event outside the official festival, drawing close to 1,000 people to see the best new directing talent.

We also organise other events in London to promote and inform members, providing valuable networking opportunities.

AVOIDING AND RESOLVING PROBLEMS We help members find a satisfactory solution when things get sticky. We discuss production issues with the agencies’ association, the IPA, and join with them in trying to resolve disputes informally. If that is not possible, disputes are resolved using the mediation/arbitration process set out in the contract, saving members time and legal costs.

We also ensure that, through our representation, their advisors understand the contract and how commercials production works.

TRAINING THROUGH THE MASTERCLASS The Masterclass was created by the APA in 2001 and is now established as the industry standard training course for people, whether working for our members or for advertising agencies, who are on their way to becoming producers. Each year top people in the industry devote time to passing on their expertise via lecturing and hosting study groups. The Masterclass is hugely popular, always over subscribed, and there is no charge to members sending their staff on it.

THE APA WEBSITE www.a-p-a.net Our website is a valuable resource for members, providing news and (on the Members’ pages) draft agreements for many different circumstances, as well as our green production guide; and comprehensive advice on health & safety, visas, engaging children, and a host of other production issues. It is a portal to our members’ sites and showreels which is valued by agencies in the UK and overseas.

MARKETING MEMBERS OVERSEAS The APA has launched initiatives to help members develop relationships with potential new markets. We recently took 35 members to Tokyo to meet Japanese agencies and production companies; and took a similar number to Shanghai for an event we created called the Shanghai London Advertising Forum.

Both events had a substantial impact in the cities where they took place, building an understanding of how advertising and production works there, as well as showing what our members offer. The events also set up the foundations for relationships from which significant production work has developed.


We hold regular meetings of each of these groups, to discuss issues pertinent to them, and to formulate courses of action to address those issues.

ENSURING MEMBERS ARE IN THE KNOW Keeping members up to date with industry issues and ensuring they benefit from the collective experience of the membership, through meetings and e-mails.

MEMBERSHIP Member companies pay an annual subscription, which is determined by the size of the company. Please ask for details. To apply to join, or for more information, please call 020 7434 2651 or email:

Steve Davies / Chief Executive / steve@a-p-a.net

Martin Poyner / Member Services Manager / martin@a-p-a.net

Kati Hall / Member Services Coordinator / kati@a-p-a.net

Becca Gribbin / Marketing and Events Coordinator / becca@a-p-a.net

General Enquiries / info@a-p-a.net