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About SohoSoho

SohoSoHo is the international Showreel Directory, content management and promotional tool designed specifically for the advertising & production community. We work in partnership with the APA to give it's members a chance to see the power of marketing. You can show off your work to a vast amount of people without getting lost in search pages of millions of videos or other websites. We showcase the best talent within the media community.

SohoSoHo Is Ideal For Ad Agencies and Brand Owners
SohoSoHo is free to browse, ideal if you are looking for the right talent for your next project. All the contacts, reels, latest work and stories you need to see and all in one place.

If you are a Production Company, Post House, Freelancer
If commercials or content creation is your trade then a subscription to SohoSoho will allow you to publish your reels and be featured in a bi-weekly newsletter that is distributed globally by e-mail to over 80,000 industry people.

SohoSoHo's intuitive interface and tool set enable you to create, tag and publish showreels on SohoSoho and any other website you wish, including of course your own company or personal site. In doing so, you get the added benefit of our global content delivery network (CDN) which ensures that the media will stream efficiently anywhere in the world.

SohoSoHo reels and news feeds can also link directly with your social networking, letting you quickly cast out your announcements to your twitter and facebook accounts.

With your APA membership you can sign up today and start experiencing the marketing power of SohoSoHo.


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