Animation Group members are full members of the APA and receive the information and services of APA members but, in addition, the Animation Group meets and addresses issues specific to animation in commercials.

They include copyright issues- animation companies retain rights in the material they produce under the standard production contract.

Although they grant rights in the commercial- the agency can show the commercial or a clip from it in any media, as they can a live action commercial, they retain the rights in animation they have produced (subject to the conditions set out in that contract) and thus any other use of the animation eg in press ads, point of sale or merchandising is subject to the agency and production company agreeing a fee for such use.

UK commercials animation is of a very high quality and enjoys international renown. It is very broadly based, encompassing stop frame, cgi, model and plasticine.

The APA promotes the expertise of its animation company members, an example of which was the London - Tokyo Creative Forum 2004, in which a selection of commercials from APA animation group members was shown to Japanese advertising agencies.