The APA Sound Design Group launched on 1st February 2005. Membership of the group is open to companies who produce sound for commercials. You are invited to be a founder member of the group and enjoy the benefits that we have outlined in our meetings and correspondence.

To summarise those:

1 Integration into/ networking with the commercials production sector-
with the APA members- commercials production companies, post and editing companies and with advertising agencies.

2. To be kept informed and up to date with what is happening in commercials production through our emails, website and meetings.

3. To participate in the promotion of sound design companies, through the communication of a better understanding of what sound design companies do. That process has already started with the inclusion of a presentation on sound design for commercials in the APA Masterclass. The APA Sound Design Group will work on other methods of educating production companies and agencies about how sound design companies work and the value of their services.

4. The opportunity for your staff to participate in training, through attending the Masterclass, which runs every year. This gives your staff the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of all aspects of commercials production and network with the agency and production company staff on the course.

5. Promotion of APA Sound Design Group members in the UK and overseas through the APA Show and the book and dvd of it, which is sent out around the world, which will, this year for the first time, include credits of APA Sound Design Group members.

6 To provide a forum for issues and opportunities for sound design companies in commercials and in the other areas of production the APA is educating its members about, such as viral advertising and in-store TV.

The group will identify further aims of sound design companies and the APA will work with its members to achieve those aims.